Mickey Benson

Studio Director

“Our team shares an understanding of those basic but often neglected architectural principles- scale, proportion, and flow.”

Studio Director Mickey Benson can’t remember ever wanting to be anything but an architect. “It’s the only profession I’ve ever imagined. I drew my first building section when I was about 4 years old, long before I even knew what a building section was.”

Before joining GPSA in 2006 as a Project Manager and then moving up to become a Studio Director in 2012, Mickey worked at a number of distinguished architecture firms in the Northeast. He graduated with his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and practiced in Boston for four years before moving to New York. In Boston, he was a finalist for the Rotch Traveling Scholarship, a prestigious annual architectural design competition.

It was the “casual elegance” in GPSA’s work that made him want to join the firm. “I was blown away the first time I saw one of Gil’s projects, and I knew I wanted to work with him. Our entire team shares an understanding of those basic but rarely implemented architectural principles—scale, proportion, and flow.”

In his role as Studio Director, Mickey oversees nearly every aspect of a project, handling details and communication long before anything leaves the drafting table. He’s led the renovations and building of new homes all over the country, from Nashville to New York City, California to Coastal Maine. “For some folks, building or renovating a house can be considered a stressful experience. It’s very personal and there’s a lot of emotional investment. Part of my job is to make sure that the process is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for the client.”

Mickey lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in his spare time enjoys riding his motorcycle and playing guitar. He often takes craft and building workshops and recently completed an introductory course in welding techniques. “I feel like the more I can expose myself to how things are put together, the stronger I am as an architect. In college I was constantly in the wood and metal shops, and I still like to build things by hand.”

Mickey is a licensed architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).