The quality of our work begins with the highly talented in-house team
of design professionals and support staff at the firm.

Current Staff

Mickey Benson, Studio Director, Principal
Louis Taylor, Director of Finance and Business Administration, Principal

Laura Blochwitz
Alison Buersmeyer
Michael Callaway
Carl Carfi
Daniela Danau
Brad Devendorf
Matt Enquist
Tessa Gearity
Michael Geller
John Hanlon
Parker Hansen
Holly Johnson
Michelle K. Lamontagne
Paige Melinis
Benjamin Moore
Christopher Moran
Lyndsey Morris
Joseph Peterson
Sarah R. Pisano
Mark Pledger
Jahlay Rae
Manuel Ramirez
Jessica Rausch
Elaine Rose
Danny Sacco
Brina Stachecki
Chris Taylor
Laura A.B. Welsh
Christopher Whelan
Ryan White
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